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Politape range

POLI-MOUNT is a range of double side adhesive tapes with compressible carrier foams which are coated with acrylic adhesive on both sides with high bonding adhesion. Polimount 3705, Polimount 390

POLI-FIX is a range of double sided adhesive tapes with tissue paper and PVC films as carrier material. Coated both sides with acrylic and synthetic rubber adhesive with high adhesion. Also suitable for the bonding of non-polar plastics.
Polifix 326, Polifix 343

POLI-GRIP are double sided tapes, both sides are coated with a cohesive acrylic adhesive with excellent plasticizer resistance. POLI-GRIP tapes are used on banner films as an efficient and reasonably priced alternative for converting instead of welding or sewing. Poligrip 400

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