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We are Material Solutions

Dear Customer,


The origins of the company go back to 1935 when we were founded by Daniel O’Sullivan, my grandfather, as a sole trader. As the decades passed the activities of the company evolved from show card printer and small paper merchant to what we are today.

Interior of the George’s Street Arcade, 1950s. (Image: Dublin City Library and Archives)

In 1990 Print Supplies acquired a new premises in the Western Industrial Estate in Dublin 12. The company’s footprint in the area has grown, from the original 18,000 Sq ft, to 71,000 Sq Ft.across three warehouses. In 1978 we employed 12 staff and, in the years since, our team has grown to 53 today.

Over the years, Print Supplies have been at the forefront of innovation including the introduction of Free Foam PVC, Fluted Polypropylene, Gerber Plotter Cutters and Gerber Edge Printers to the Irish market. The Gerber Plotters and Gerber Edge were ground-breaking technology at the time and took the company heavily into supplying the sign making industry. The Gerber Edge was the first digital printing machine available in the Irish market using thermal printing technology. 

Today we find our business has once again evolved into several new areas including industrial and construction plastics, interior design materials and glazing products. We are heavily researching environmentally friendly materials with special emphasis on recyclability and GOH emissions. In tandem with this we are also planning to reduce and potentially eliminate our phase 1 GOH emissions.

The printer and the sign-maker will always be the absolute foundations of our business but, the reality is that the name Print Solutions does not reflect the scope of the product portfolio that we offer today. It is for this reason that we have made the decision to rebrand our business to Material Solutions and, in the coming years, we look forward to bringing you the innovation and dedication to service that we have demonstrated since 1935.


Kieran O'Sullivan
Director, Material Solutions

Buying Online - what will happen?

During December, the web site (this web site), is being kept online to ease the transition for customers..

CREDIT customers with Print Solutions, now Material Solutions, can also visit our new web site during December and login on this new web site. You can place orders on this new web site now, so effectively CREDIT customers have the option of using either web site to place orders.

COD customers, or those customers including guests, who pay online with a credit card, may continue to use during December. After December, you can buy online on our new web site