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Avery Wall Vinyl MPI 8000

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Avery Wall Vinyl MPI 8000 Series gives design flexibility for even the most ambitious indoor wall vinyl printing applications – with new, three dimensional textures, rapid application and reliable print performance.

Films can be applied without the need for primer, and excellent opacity ensures that the underlying wall is completely concealed. Wall Film materials make transforming an indoor space easier and more visually rewarding
than ever before.

Key Benefits

  • Quick, easy and clean installation, with no primer needed
  • Customisable – digital printing with solvent, eco/mild solvent, latex and UV curable inks
  • More creative choices, with digitally printable MPI 8726 Textured Wall Films
  • Full cover-up, with excellent opacity using thicker films
  • Apply to many different surfaces – choice of hi-tack or removable adhesives
  • Suits most common print platforms: 1.37m width
  • Fire certification available
MPI 8726 Wall Film Canvas Hi-Tack 152 micron matt white
MPI 8726 Wall Film Stone Hi-Tack 203 micron matt white  
MPI 8726 Wall Film Stucco Hi-Tack 152 micron matt white  
MPI 8626 Wall Film Hi-tack 150 micron matt white  
MPI 8621 Wall Film Removable 152 micron matt white  
MPI 8024 Wall Film EA Hi-Tack 90 micron matt white