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Get Your LOGIN Code

Updated April 2019

Customers can receive a unique login code to access the private TRADE LOGIN area of this web site.


Q1. Do I have to be a customer of Print Solutions to use the web site?

Product information is available to everyone. Prices are only available to customers. If you're not already a customer, we can set you up as a basic cash sale account and you can buy online on a 'pay as you go' basis.

Q2. I don't want to give my credit card details

a. You DON'T HAVE TO if you're an existing 'credit' customer with Print Solutions - you just login and place orders and they get added to your account - no card required. No payment is required on the web site and instead you pay as you would normally pay.

b. If you currently operate on a 'cash sale' basis with us, then you'll need to enter your credit card details when making an order online.

c. If you have never bought from us before but would like to buy online via our web site, we can set you up as a 'cash sale' customer and you can 'pay as you go' online.

Q3. How does the delivery charge work on the web site?

For customers who have a credit account, we add delivery to your order when it comes into our office. You pay the delivery charge that you have always paid. Cash sale customers will pay a delivery charge on the web site at check out.

Q4. Is the web site secure?

Yes, SSL digital encryption is used for all online transactions. Print Solutions do not store or retain credit card information.

Q5. If I place an order, how quickly will it be delivered?

We do our best to have it with you within 2 working days. If you place on order on a Friday, as we don't open Saturday or Sunday, your order will be delivered on the next working day.

Did you know? The Print Solutions web site uses 'real time' stock inventory, constantly monitoring and checking in with our main system for moving stock levels. If something goes 'Out of Stock' in our warehouse, then it's immediately out of stock on our web site.

Q6. Why does everything have to be online these days?

You can still place orders by phone. Online services is just a convenience for you. You can order anytime day or night and it's there to compliment your business, not to change it. You don't even have to order online but you can still use the web site for other tools and resources. Just login and take a look :)

As a modern online channel, this web site is in a constant state of update. PRODUCTS & IMAGES are subject to ongoing change as we receive new images from suppliers. If however, you notice an error or see a product online that is different to one that you receive from us, please let us know and we will make updates where necessary.

Please contact Print Solutions office on 01 409 8000 with any queries or alternatively, email us