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Marabu Ink Promotion


Can I mix Marabu inks with my existing inks?

Roland using Roland Ink: Yes
Roland using other 3rd party ink: Call us and we will advise you on the procedure.
Mimaki: Call us and we will advise you on the procedure.

This offer is only available to NEW customers changing to Marabu Inks. Why?
Print Solutions policy has been to offer a promotion deal to customers who have changed in the past. All existing Marabu ink customers would already have received a form of this offer for their first install. To avail of this existing offer, you must buy 4 inks, to receive 4 free, or buy 8 inks to receive 8 free, or buy 12 inks to receive 12 free.

I'm an existing Marabu ink customer - is there an offer for me?
Yes - buy 4 get 1 FREE! (receive 5 inks)

How long is this offer in place?
This offer is valid under our current monthly promotions, which are reviewed on a monthly basis.

Can I expect colour change from Marabu inks while printing? 
Marabu inks are a match to the OEM colour gamet.

How long does it take to complete an install? 
1-2 hours on site at your premises for bulk. 
For cartridges, Roland is Plug & Play performed by you the user, Mimaki circa 30 minutes performed by engineer or under advice.

What about the ongoing price of Ink?
Worried about the cost of inks when you need to re-supply after this offer is over? Don't be!
The ongoing cost of our inks is available below. Valid for 2017.

LTR Bottle @ €59.00
LTR Bag @ €63.00
440ml Cartridge @ €50.00
(All costs + vat 23%)

Is there a delivery charge to receive my ink?
For bulk installations, our engineer will deliver your inks and carry out the installation. For cartridges, Print Solutions will offer free delivery

Machine Warranty
All existing warranty on machines will be respected and honoured. A nozzle test print will need to be supplied to Print Solutions, prior to our ink being installed.

Ongoing Service
Print Solutions do not supply maintenance for machines but we will gladly supply you with recommendation regarding printer servicing contacts. 

Who are Marabu?
Marabu is a world-leading manufacturer of screen, digital, and pad printing inks as well as liquid coatings. Founded in 1859 in Germany, Marabu began as a family run business and now employs over 500 people world wide, with 14 subsidiaries and distribution partners in more than 80 countries. More info

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