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You Get More benefits ONLINE!

You Get More benefits ONLINE!

WE WANT YOU using our web site and here’s why! is not just an e-commerce web site, we are adding design elements to provide customers and visitors with all the information necessary to help your ordering process and day to day business.

A re-build is being prepped that will have lots of new features. Right now, with your trade login, you can see an overview of the account details we have on file for you. Check your contact details and be sure to let us know if we need to update your Business Name, Address, Phone, or Email contacts. It’s how you receive Special Offers, Invoices and other important Notifications!

Manage your ORDER PROCESS with easy to use Navigation options  including Dashboard, Favourites, Quick Orders, Delivery Addresses, Order Lists and Order History. Why does it benefit your day-by-day at work?
  • In the Favourites section, you can add products you like to a quick reference list. Everytime you login, your Favourites list is going to be available for you and you can easily check prices or purchase these items without having to search & find them in the site!
  • In the Order History, you can check the list of your previous shipped orders, seeing dates, order lines and values etc. There’s also a really handy 're-order' function which places the same order again in seconds – saving you time! 
As you know, our web site works 24 / 7. You can order online any time, any day.

With your trade login, you can also check our MEDIA GALLERY and download Datasheets and information about our products, and helpful tips for your company. We’re updating this section with guides for your business like Online Marketing blueprints, Industry Whitepapers, Calendars & Templates and other cool downloads.
Our business is growing, and we are diversifying into new areas – be sure and check our blog posts for information about our new and innovative products, machines and more industry news.

Our web department is also growing, and we are delighted to introduce and welcome Nauê Tunes to Print Solutions. Nauê will be working as our Digital Marketing Assistant, alongside Fergal in our Ecommerce department, helping to bring news of our business & products to online audiences.

Our LOYALTY POINTS will reward you for using our online service. These are on the way so make sure you’re registered to avail of the benefits like discounts and specials. If you don’t have your trade LOGIN, email us and we’ll organise it for you within the hour!


Naue Tunes, 
Digital Marketing Assistant.