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Working From Home | Claudia Luna

When the possibility of working remotely due to the pandemic was put into perspective, I was unsure on how to approach it, especially as I have always enjoyed going to the office.

Being at work for the first two weeks of a rotation period was somehow enjoyable by continuing to go into Print Solutions; getting out of home kept my mind in a good place, although the procedure when being at the workplace was quite different and I may admit a little bit tiring following the health and safety guidelines while making them a new habit.

The first few days being at home are almost already a blur. I remember getting up slightly later than usual as there was no need to commute to work. Also, having to adjust between discovering where was more comfortable to sit and seeking out the best background ambient to listen to.

At some stage I decided my routine needed to improve, I started getting up earlier and going out for walks. After coming back from my walk and showering, my mornings became more productive. I would be fully awake. I had time to clean and tidy up, have breakfast and if I was quick enough doing these chores I could read for a couple of minutes, all this before 9 a.m.

I have become more accustomed to all these changes that if I don’t go for a walk in the morning, I still get up at the same hour and make the most of my time in the best way possible. I have learned certain music which helps me focus better. At lunch time it is very pleasant getting to eat fresh food rather than reheating; during this break I take the opportunity to listen to a podcast or find something entertaining to watch. Thanks to technology my work colleagues and I can help each other and get to collaborate as efficient as being at the office.

Despite not being able to see the rest of the team and these couple of days have been beneficial for my personal ritual, I’m looking forward to everything going back to normal and I can’t wait to see everyone at Print Solutions in person, all safe and sound!