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Handy product comparison: Wall Cladding vs Traditional Tiles

Wall Cladding is a super low maintenance, modern alternative to ceramic tiles and comes with many benefits. If you’re renovating, upgrading, constructing or decorating an indoor space and still can’t decide between Wall Cladding or Traditional Tiles…then this post is for you!

  1. Waterproof and mould resistant: frequently used in kitchen and bathroom areas, wall cladding is waterproof and mould resistant. This is a benefit over ceramic tiles that, when in constantly contact with water, can develop mould and discolour, even worse it can fade and turn yellowish in colour.
  2. Cost benefit: usually wall cladding is cheaper than ceramic sales. When adding material price and labour costs, in most cases, the wall cladding is always more cost efficient.
  3. Easy to assemble: tiles require several process so it is time and labour intensive to install. In contrast, wall cladding generally just requires a small number of processes, mostly just the application of the adhesive using a silicone gun and perhaps some light trim work.
  4. Easy to maintain and Hygienic: due the hygienic and mould repellent feature of wall cladding panels, once it’s installed there is no grout to worry about! The PVC cladding is also quick and easy to maintain - with just a few wipes to keep it looking like new. Tiles can be damaged or broken. In contrast, the wall cladding does not require much care after installation and is usually more resistant to impact and knocks.

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