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Vela™ Privacy Window Film

Vela™ Privacy Window Film 


Avery Dennison Vela™ is a retrofit window film that places a thin translucent film over indoor glass panes allowing for privacy, consumer engagement and erasable whiteboard functionality.

When switched-on, Vela™ film transforms from transparent to opaque, providing an instant privacy screen for your waiting areas, meeting rooms, corporate offices or other indoor glass partitions.

Vela can be activated:
1.       By Switch
2.       By App
3.       By Voice command via Alexa or Google

Once installed the only need is to switch it on or off! Use the app, or even impress your attendees with a voice command and ask Alexa or Google Home to activate it for you!

How it works…

The Vela™ film is designed with a Pressure Sensitive “PS” adhesive on one side for a wet application and a Scratch Resistant “SR” Coating on the other side to ensure scratch-free installation and maintenance.

Inside the film structure are two optically clear, sputtered transparent conductive layers of Indium Tin Oxide, “ITO” and in between these layers are the Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals, “PDLC” which is the basis for the technology.

In the absence of an electrical current, the liquid crystal particles disperse randomly, scattering light which results in a translucent appearance.  Activating the Vela™ film introduces electricity to the film which causes the liquid crystal particles to orient in a manner that permits light to traverse the film and results in a transparent state.



Cleaning is easy. After 30 days installed any normal window cleaners can be used as long as they do not contain harmful components such as Ammonia. Clean, soft material such as a lint-free towel is recommended or similar cloth to wash and dry the film surface. The use of vapor cleaning is not recommended.


  • Retrofit on almost any existing interior glass  
  • Excellent transparency         

  • Easy replacement when required, backed by VELA™ warranty       

  • Supported by installers from VELA™ certified team

Product Specifications:

  • Scratch resistant hard coating to ensure easy, scratch-free maintenance
  • Advanced controller hardware delivers best performance: 
                -Improved power consumption       

                -Compatibility with smart systems & wifi        

                -Multi-window control

  • Customisation: Laser cut to different shapes and sizes
  • Low energy consumption

This innovative product received its Irish launch at the Architectural & Building Expo in the RDS Dublin in October 2019. The product won the Architects Choice Award for Best Interior Product. 
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