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"We are constantly working to find sustainable solutions, both internally and in collaboration with our community & partners, in order to positively contribute to our social and environmental impact."

As one of our core values “Sustainability” is something that means more to us than any “quantifiable” commercial benefit to our business.

Recently, a Sustainability Team was introduced to Print Solutions with representation across all departments and roles within our business. During the initial meeting, the group agreed that there was to be no specific “Leader” of the team, that this was to be something more than financially led or a tick box exercise and that the only way forward was to drive the necessary changes together.

No matter how big or small the idea or whether the impact of any change would be seismic, or a small step along the way, what everyone most appreciated was that we can make a difference.

Some of this will be difficult to action, some ideas will take time to implement but some steps are relatively easy and quick. The challenge that we have all accepted is that we can make change for the better and it is therefore our clear responsibility to do so where we can!

We have started our process and we look forward to communication our progress to you all as the months and years go by!!!