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St Damian’s National School 5 Year Plan

As the National School year ended recently, we were delighted to confirm that our 5 year plan to support and sponsor St Damian’s National School Perrystown is going from strength to strength.

To date we have donated computers, art materials and last summer, we completed a project to upgrade and add brand new signage on the main school building and at the key entrance points. The Board of Management, Parents Association, Teachers and children have all been delighted with our efforts to date as it has really given the school a chance to focus their limited resources to critical areas while also giving the school, and everyone involved, a great sense of pride in St Damian’s.

After speaking to the principal, Aodh O’Connor, we agreed to focus on a couple of practical and very important investments that are critical to the H&S and security of the children in St Damian’s. The first of these was the purchase of a 20ft shipping/storage container that was landed on Thursday 21st June 2018. This container will ensure that any materials – hazardous or otherwise – are kept out of the general school area and are locked up, secure and away from all of the children. Previously the school had no option but to store these items in different cupboards/hold up areas which was far from ideal.


Next up we are going to fund the erection of new main and pedestrian entrance gates where there are currently none. The gates that were there were previously moved in order to secure the play yard area for the Junior Infants classes but the unintended consequence of that was that it opened up the entire front of the school to anyone who wants to enter, cars driving into the school area etc. Once erected we are also going to move one of the signs erected from last year and place it on one of the gates which will give much better visibility of the school to those coming through that area – which has been an ongoing issue for the school.

Our support and partnership with St Damian’s is allowing them to focus their limited resources on core educational areas – including a fantastic accelerated reading program – as well as a very active sport and extracurricular activity program.

Moving forward, it is our intention to continue to support the school and, all things being well, we hope to fund specific investment in relation to their Gym and Sporting equipment areas over the next number of years. We all understand how important it is for children to be active for their general wellbeing so anything we can do in this regard to help the teachers engage with the children will be worth every cent!!!!