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St Damian's National School

As the bleak days of the recession started to recede behind us the team at Print Solutions felt it was important to start to looking at opportunities as to how they could give back, in some small way, to the local community. It was fully appreciated that resources were still very limited but the consensus from everyone was that if we got something up and running, no matter how small, then this was still something very worthwhile pursuing and as things improved maybe it was something that we could build on.

In early 2017 we met with Aodh O' Connor from St Damian’s National School in Walkinstown and we discussed how we, as a business, might be able to support the school and possibly add to the experience of the approx 240 boys and girls who attend there. 

We explained to Aodh that we didn’t necessarily want this to be a situation where we appear at the school, hand over a cheque, take a photo and disappear. 

We wanted to look at how, over a number of years, we might develop a relationship with the school and as well as donating funds and/or bringing business expertise/contact in relation to sourcing items etc. we may also be able to enhance the learning opportunities for the pupils within the school and to give them some extra pride in their school.

Following our initial discussions, Aodh spoke to his own team of teachers and asked them if there was anything that they would like to see done for the school outside of the standard fundraising initiatives that they had. The result of those discussions led to a humorous next meeting with ourselves were Aodh explained that the only sign for the school was an old, rotten wooden one above the main entrance and that the teachers would love a new one so it would give the school a lift. He said that he understood if this was not something we could help with……….we then realised that we probably hadn't adequately explained what our business actually was!!!

Over the following weeks we worked with the school to re-design their school logo and draft some ideas for the sign. When it came time to erect it we had an additional surprise for the school in that rather just replacing the one rotten sign we were erecting 5 different signs in order to cover every access point. The results of this were uploaded onto our Facebook page at the time.

In the interim months we have supported the school in the provision of art suppliers (board/paper) that we could supply from our own stocks. We also have an initiative in place where, when we upgrade PCs or Laptops in our business, we ask our IT support to clean the old ones and we donate them to the school. We are updating a number of the sales teams laptops so following the Easter break 2018, we expect to have at least another 5 devices going over to the school.

At the moment we are currently in discussion with Aodh on what our main 2018 project will be…………………………we look forward to updating you on progress in our next newsletter, as well as looking at some of the other ways Print Solutions are “Giving Back to the Community”.

If your own business would like to help or collaborate on worthy causes like this, please contact David O Keefe at Print Solutions on 01 409 8000.