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Shipping and delivery during Covid-19

Covid-19 reshaped many industries and mostly, it has changed customer behaviour. If before it was important to have your business online, after this outbreak, it is even more evident!

Getting online is the way to start it but having a sustainable and efficient delivery service is a powerful benefit in attracting and retaining customers. More than ever, your customer wants to feel near you, they want to trust your website and your service. Your shipping strategy can help to build this relationship and influence the decision-maker.

We have selected some tips to improve your delivery/shipping. These tips can boost your customers’ experience anytime, but now more so given the increased online activity across all sectors

1.Start inside your company: make the process clear and easy

Time is the key, the sooner your product is dispatched from your company, the sooner your customer will have it. Give priority to online orders. Communicate your process to your warehouse or dispatch. Make order picking, packing and label printing processes easier and efficient, have them near each other to improve order processing times. If applicable, implement order tracking software to easily track, monitor and process large order volumes.

2.On your web site: provide shipping options

Each client is different and has different needs. Provide shipping options based on time or priority. You can offer a Premium same day or next day delivery, Free delivery (when a certain amount is spent), or a cheaper Standard delivery. In addition to this, you can use shipping as part of your marketing campaigns by promoting free shipping or giving money-off shipping codes for new customers.

3.During and post-purchase: provide estimated delivery time and provide a reliable and helpful tracking number

If you’re used to buying things online, you’ll know the benefit of having a tracking number. Think of yourself as the customer. Can you or they find the answer they need easily?.If not, then fix this. Sometimes our decision to buy or not buy a product can be based on the estimated delivery date. It is important to provide dates, tracking number and of course, be consistent and reliable when providing any information.

4.At any time: communicate with your customers

For online users and online managers, this is the most important aspect. It doesn’t take a global pandemic to make us be better at communication. Things can go wrong and during a pandemic, things can really go wrong. Flights are cancelled, less staff are working in warehouses, drivers report sick and lots of other issues. It is not unprofessional, to be honest with your customers. In fact, statistics show that users appreciate it. It builds rapport, integrity and confidence in your service. Your customer will understand that something went wrong if you communicate it honestly. If you are aware of or are expecting delivery delays you can set up an announcement badge on the top of your website or you can send a post-purchase email for your customer informing them of delays. Provide a customer service contact number for more information.

There are many softwares packages available to help your logistics department manage deliveries and shipping. However, communication is the key, inside or outside your company.

Extra tip:
Also consider:

  1. Delivery price
  2. Product size and weight (dims)
  3. Destination
  4. Priority

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