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Say Hello to Fergal,

Fergal is the person behind our website and some of our online platforms. He is responsible for creating pages and making it easier for our clients to see our promotions, get datasheets, navigate online and keep our customers secure when making purchases online. He oversees our marketing campaigns, how-to videos and also manages a variety of projects that our company participates in.
Fergal is a skilled professional with more than 15 years’ experience in the Irish Internet industry. With diplomas in digital marketing, project management and media, he keeps the company informed about online trends and makes sure our customers get the best from the online service.
Fergal is also a Tough Mudder 'Legionnaire’ - yes, every Summer he participates in a 15km cross country run with lots of obstacles - just to hear about it, we feel tired already! Fergal is married, has 3 children and is also a football coach! We don’t know how he finds the time but we know how lucky we are to have him on board. 

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Naue Tunes, 
Digital Marketing Assistant.