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With more than 20 years experience, David O’ Keeffe is our Finance Director. He joined Print Solutions in 2013 after a career in Grocery retail, so in one way or another he has always been involved in Retail throughout his career.

His move to finance effectively started when he won a scholarship to go to college while still at Secondary School. His experience at college had such an impact, that he helped two other pupils from his school to achieve and secure the same scholarship. Graduating at age 19, David spent the next 6 months in Devon UK, only coming back home because he missed his Irish friends and family (or maybe the pubs!?).

His passion for numbers is certainly a large part of his day, but he is also engaged deeply in our company processes and operations across customer service, logistics and staff. He makes sure employees and their departments are operating to the best of their ability.

David’s real impact on the company comes through his finance and management skills. He ensures that the company has opportunities for growth, both from a business finance sense and also from a people sense. While managing employee teams, he sees that they are encouraged and mentored to drive and develop their skills and experience both personally and professionally.

David is a father to 3 boys and also became a football coach for one of his son’s teams. One of his more recent and important management roles however, sees him responsible for his children’s THREE rabbits, who joined the household last year! As is typical where there’s more than one sibling, just the one pet simply wasn’t enough and they needed three - so we’re also happy to introduce you to
‘Carrots, Broccoli and Cucumber’.

As our Finance Director, David heads up our finance team and we know we're lucky to have him onboard. His team tells us it’s either a sense of humour, or words of wisdom at 9 o’clock every morning!
“People change paths all the time. It is important to try to chose the path that is right for you when you can but also be comfortable in the knowledge that there is no one path for you to follow and we learn something from every path we go down”

If you didn't already, say hello to David O’Keeffe… but make it a quick Hello, time is money!!

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