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Project Management Tools for you and your team

Working remotely was a necessity thrust upon many companies and at the beginning, lots of time was spent putting project management processes in place to coordinate project work, day to day emails and zoom conference calls. Seems like working remotely is here to stay and to adapt, we can reach out to technology to help us. There’s lots of free resources out there to help remote workers.
For more insight on this topic, we have selected 6 easy to use and efficient project management tools currently being employed by remote teams at Print Solutions.

We can separate our list in two. The first are the free management tools you can use to set up projects without the need of a specific company email. The second part, you would need to have Microsoft365 in place at your company. If you don’t know if you are using this version you can check using this link or you can ask that co-worker good with technologies!

1- Trello

You can use Trello for everything, from planning a snowboard trip to organising a business launch. In my opinion, Trello is simpler than the other tools below. You can find boards, lists and cards that help you to organize and give priority to your projects in a fun and flexible way! You can basically set up ‘to do’ lists and move your cards when it’s in progress or done. You can also work in teams and create team tasks. And the best feature: it is free!
I used Trello for a project in college and it really helped me at the time.

2- Click Up

With Click Up you have features like your agenda for the day, your custom dashboard and your lists - where all your tasks will live. The additional feature of this platform is that you can share docs, time track your tasks, assign multiple people for the tasks and you can see all the trending posts. Click Up seems to be always innovating and bringing more elements.

3- Wrike

Wrike was a recommendation of a co-worker and now I use it almost everyday. Wrike has tools  for a lot of different teams as marketing, creative and project management teams. You can use your ‘to do’ list, create a folder or a project. An interesting feature is that you can co-relate your tasks and use Gantt Chart to view its workflow. You can also share documents, time track your tasks and assign multiple people for your tasks.

If you have a Microsoft 365, these next 3 tools will help you to make the best use of it. Check it out:

4- Microsoft Teams 

It’s safe, secure and free. The Microsoft teams messaging panel is very similar to slack, the big difference is that this tool has both a chat and an office at the same platform! You can create group chats, collaborate with your team, share documents, have meetings, calls and much more. On your teams, you can also download apps like Trello, Wrike, Urkund (plagiarism products) or Survey Monkey (survey app). There are many possibilities. Beside this, you can also share your screen or create group chats. There are limitless possibilities.
Personally, I use Microsoft Teams everyday mostly for quick chat, instead of getting the email box full, I send messages, share documents and have weekly meetings to discuss work progress.

5- Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner is very similar to Wrike. It is task management for teams, it helps you to organize your team schedule and get more things done. It’s super easy to use and you can see the tasks in many different ways: boards, charts or inside a calendar. You can assign tasks for people, share the project with a group and time track every step. The workflow is visible and transparent, you can see late or completed tasks easily and everyone in the group has access to it. With Planner you can also attach documents to your tasks and get email notifications.

6- Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint has limitless features and as such it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when you first start using. This tool is so dynamic - it enables you to use a Planner inside a private or public website with an unique email for its communication. In SharePoint you create a site where you can choose your team, you can send updated posts, share and edit documents online with automatic saving (just like Google Drive), and much more. In addition to all this, you can also connect to other Microsoft apps to have your team collaborate online for maximum results. The features don't stop there, when creating your website you create an email where you can send updates and it syncs directly to your SharePoint. Stick with it at the start and after a while you’ll get used to the layout and it becomes super easy to use!