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The new CWT Evolution. All electric flatbed applicator worktable.

Our CWT Roll Mounting Lamination Table: Evolution Model

  • Motorised pressure setting and lifting of the roller
  • Heated roller 30-60°C
  • Motorised horizontal drive with remote control
  • Illuminated worktable/bed
  • Electrical height adjustment
  • Integrated storage
  • Push bottom, electronic hight  adjustment. (Table)
  • Electronic roller up/down
  • Electronic roll drive
Come see it in action at our showroom!

Say goodbye to the air compressor!

Motorised all electrical pressure setting and lifting of the roller.

Up to 7 different pressures can be chosen to fit whatever materials you are working with.

Another advantage with this solution is that the roller doesn't drop down hard on the table top after reaching the end of the substrate, it will remain in upward position.

Its also allows working on thick narrow boards on one side of the table as the electric system with not push down more on one side, causing different pressure on each side, like it used to do with
pneumatic rollers.

Using electricity gives us the advantage to adjust the speed of the roller up and down, control the roller pressure and control the horizontal velocity of the roller.

How to assemble:

The CWT is fast to assembly and easy to use. CWT worktables are designed in modules, making them simple to transport, taking up less space and thus reducing transport costs. They will fit through a standard door and then assembly is easy.

About two weeks ago we installed our CWT on our showroom and here’s how it went:

How to operate:

The worktables are easy to use so no need for special staff, most people can operate the applicator within one hour with fantastic results. The flatbed applicator gives much better control and less waste than conventional roll laminators due to the easy and precise positioning of the materials and allows a much wider range of materials to be laminated.

Why to buy it:

Save up to 80-85% production time.

The time to produce on a manual basis is excessive in comparison with process offered by the new CWT worktable. Estimated reduction of the production time is up to 80–85%!

  • Ergonomically designed handles with push buttons for up/down on both sides of the applicator.
  • Unobstructed operation and visual overview above the roller
  • Cutting mat
  • Tempered glass with light diffuser
  • Ergonomic workspace provides easy access all around the table
  • Side pockets for lamination of oversized banners and storage
  • Extra lower roll holder for easy unwinding, storage and feeding of material
  • Adjustable feet for easy levelling of table and wheels for easy relocating

Don’t just take our word for it…

Here’s a testimonial from Kevin Spahr, Senior Graphics and signage manager:

“We love the CWT table and we use it here daily. It is one of the best time-saving pieces of equipment we have purchased in twenty-five years. It has cut our application time in half. What took two people to install is now completed by one person in less time. 

The training on the CWT table was simple, and easy to use. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to save money and increase production.”

Find out more about our CWT table and make an appointment to visit our showroom!