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Our 5 favourites Yellotools - September Edition

We’ve selected our five favourites’ tools from Yellotools for the month of September! Check it out:

1. Self-healing cutting mats for professional sign makers

When it comes to tailor-made cutting with the rotary cutter or cutter, you need a high-quality cutting pad. Yellotools offers various models in 6 different widths and a length up to 20 meters. Flexible, transparent, antistatic or frosted, self-healing and 5 mm material thickness with absolute flatness - Made in Germany!

You are looking for a cutting pad that does not reflect light? No problem! Yellotools has a solutions for this: the new Yellotools CuttingMats Frosted offer you an anti-light reflex surface that "swallows" your hall lighting!

2. MagTape Ruler

Magnetic measuring tape for all non-magnetic surfaces

Yellotools designed a 40mm (1.6”) wide springsteel blade with an easily readable scale and our “magic” X-treme mat, to align prints, graphics or plotted vinyls onto non-magnetic surfaces, like shopwindows, plastic fenders, aluminum cars or trucks and much more. Now you can use our SpeedMags  to do this kind of work, rather than annoying masking tape or an expensive second pair of hands.

3. CosyRack EasyReach

CosyRack EasyReach wall vinyl storage system

The wedding between our genius EasyReach-Concept and the affordable CosyRack-System was pretty obvious. So if you do not want to do without the comfort of the very easy snap-on storage system for your wall foil storage system, you can now put together your individual CosyRack EasyReach shelf.

Of course, you can combine the Racks also with the neat TreeMaxx MultiPlug - so you can store Rolls of different Lengths in just one CosyRack as well! How cool to have a modular concept!

Available in 2 different sizes:

L= 127cm length   (  6 rolls)

XL= 205cm length ( 10 rolls)

 Holds up to 200 kg (441 lbs) or 300 kg (662lbs)

4. ProWrap Duo Bio I | 50 pcs.

The Bio Squeegee for Signmakers

Yellotools supports every effort or all efforts for a better future. That´s why they are already looking for more eco-friendly Plastic-alternatives. So far, their Bio-Squeegee was “just“ made of 33% pure wood and allowed to consider “Eco-friendly“. But their latest Bio-Mix was tested by a prestigious german Institute and obtained a full Bio-degradable status, which is officially certified

  • Made of 23% recycled Wood 
  • Material: plastic
  • Color: wood-coloured
  • Price: per piece
  • Features: biodegradable,33% recycled wood
  • Product Type: squeegee
  • Included:1 pcs
  • Shore hardness:70
  • Squeegee surface/size:11 cm, 15.5 cm

5. WrapStick Set Deluxe


Car Wrapping Tools by Yellotools to realize real Pleasure for Vehicle Foiling

From now on you get our WrapStick Set in the Deluxe Version! The set also includes a YelloCut Slim with the matching SpareBlades 9 mm 59°.

For years now Yellotools has collected ideas and are very proud to present you the first 15 wrap sticks. There are 7 different squeegee pens with a total of 13 different tool ends in 5 different degrees of hardness. Every single squeegee pen will help you to be able to work safer, easier and faster in vehicle foiling in the future. From now on their new Beavertails are also included in the set!

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