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New range of vinyls

Kemica is a fully owned subsidiary of the German self-adhesive producer Poli-Tape since 2009. The Kemica factory is based in Italy near the Slovenian border. 

We are stocking a number of different Kemica products. For Digital printers, we'll have a range of monomeric and polymeric vinyl, for sign makers we'll be stocking monomeric plotter vinyl and window films.


In the digital Monomeric range, we will have 80 mic 100 mic and 100 mic High Opacity. These quality European produced vinyl’s offer great value in a very competitive market sector, typically offering 10 to 15% discount off main brands.

In the digital Polymeric range have both a 75 mic and a 60 mic. The 75 micron product, with 5 to 7 year outdoor life offers superb value costing 10 to 20% less than comparable main brands. The 60 Mic is of particular interest as for a polymeric, it is highly conformable with a 7 year outdoor life. The 60 mic would offer similar characteristics to a low end cast vinyl. Also all the polymeric vinyl including the clear use solvent based adhesives with double PE liners. The double PE liners performs excellently with Latex printers. Also the transparent 60 mic can also be used as a laminate. 

SIGN Vinyl

In sign vinyl’s, we will stock the full range of 3 to 5 year gloss monomeric vinyl in 39 colours. This range has excellent weeding characteristics. The Tech Mark 3000 range offers great value with savings of between 15 to 25% off main brands.


In window films, we will have very competitively priced polymeric solvent based etched glass film. Obviously the solvent adhesive is a great benefit for a window film. This 5 to 7 year etched glass film with solvent adhesive offers considerably better prices than main brands with savings of between 20 and 25%. The polyester Gold and Silver are simply the best value on the market!

We are also offering 150mic white and clear static cling film. In keeping with our objective of offering you unparalleled choice and value, this product is offering up to 30% savings on other European brands.

Finally, we will also stock a very competitively priced anti-graffiti film.

We officially launched the range in April 2018. LOGIN to browse prices and see further details.