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Logistics and Transport - Staff Profile

CILT is the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

In their Summer 2017 magazine edition, they featured Karl Cooling - Assistant Warehouse Manager at Print Solutions Dublin.

Karl has been a valuable member of the warehouse staff for over a decade and as the article suggests, no day is ever the same. We operate a busy industrial warehouse just off the Naas Road in Dublin and we deal with suppliers from all over the world. This means we have regular inbound container shipments, pallets, boxes and parcels arriving every day. Coupled with that, we also have outbound logistics catering for several hundred customer orders daily. 

Maintaining all of these warehouse operations, Karl joins a dedicated team on the floor and keeps the machine running. He is spotted regularly in our offices at logistics meetings and he also forms part of our internal Health & Safety team. Rumour has it that he also likes to voice the odd ballad at the Print Solutions Christmas party and if we can, we'll be sure to post his next solo video here to accompany this article!

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