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LG Interior Film: our range

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With the increasing demand to be more socially responsible in all aspects of interior design, it is no longer just about the aesthetics, but also sustainability, life cycle, and ease of installation. Our Interior Film helps provide flexible alternatives for covering walls, furniture or pretty much anything else you can think of.
LG Interior Film is designed for flat lamination and 3D profile wrapping. With its intelligent self-adhesive treatment, Architectural Film is easy to apply not only to flat surfaces but also to irregular surfaces, saving time and money.

Below is our LG Interior Film range:


Wood Collection leads you with nature's comfort and relaxation
Through our special coating and our unique printing method, we implement the texture of natural wood and the deep feeling of colour. Through this, you will be able to enjoy beauty that can be felt inside the forest.


Rich solid colour schemes create trendy and sophisticated design as well as refined style of space.


Soft reflection of luxury metal provides feelings as if you are staying in an exotic and fancy first-class hotel.


In addition to its subtle shine, the elegance of the abstract pattern will give you a variety of looks in your space.


Outdoor series is for surface finishing materials to decorate building exterior including windows, panels, doors and others.