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Keep your warehouse safe from Covid-19

All companies and organisations need to maintain operations and still adhere to government guidelines. In our own warehouse environment, we’ve made lots of small changes:

The following have worked well for us in keeping warehouse operations and warehouse staff safe during Covid19:

  1. Encourage increased frequency of handwashing and surface cleaning
  2. Encourage your staff to wear masks and gloves at all times
  3. Create fixed teams, to reduce the numbers of people that staff interact with
  4. Monitor well-being of your staff every day
  5. Educate your warehouse team about government guidelines
  6. Maintain social distancing at your workplace whenever possible
  7. Reduce /limit travel between departments or warehouse sites
  8. Keep activities involving more than one person as short as possible
  9. Keep actives involving more than one person back-to-back or side-to-side instead of face-to-face whenever possible
  10. Reduce congestion at arrival and departure time - provide more entry and exit points
  11. Reduce number of customers collecting material on site
  12. Stagger break times to reduce the numbers in canteens and break rooms 
  13. Place protective screens at your warehouse where staff interact with external people
  14. Maintain record of all visitors and staff well being
  15. Place hand washing /cough etiquette notices & posters on site
  16. Communicate and train your staff

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