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Introducing Hyg-ie-Clad

We’re delighted to announce our own branded wall cladding system: Hyg-ie-Clad.

Specifically manufactured for Print Solutions, Hyg-ie-Clad is the perfect cost effective cladding solution. Our new range includes an anti-microbial variant with silver ion technology, perfectly suited for creating hi-grade hygienic environments in Food, Pharma and Medical applications.

About the product:

Our sheets are made from high quality PVC, 100% recyclable, easy to clean and light-weight. It's the perfect solution for strict hygienic conditions such as commercial kitchens and food preparation sectors.

Hyg-ie-Clad also has an antimicrobial option, with an active antimicrobial additive designed for cladding the walls and ceiling areas where stringent hygienic requirements must be satisfied. These sheets are perfectly suited for hi-grade hygienic environments demanded by health authorities across food plant, medical facilities and many other applications.

Product Line:

-Hyg-ie-Clad Standard
-Hyg-ie-Clad Antimicrobial
-Hyg-ie-Clad Printed

The Applications:

- Commercial Kitchens
- Food Processing Plants
- Dairy Milking Parlours
- Wet rooms
- Food preparation areas
- Nursing Homes
- Childcare
- Retail applications
- Exhibition and showroom stands
- Digital printing

The features:

- Smooth surface
- Very good for bonding
- Increased impact resistance [NT1] [NT2] 
- Lightweight
- Simple manufacture
- Quick installation
- Weatherproof
- Low water absorption [NT3] 
- Flame resistant
- Good printing qualities
- 100% recyclable