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Introducing DISPA® Board

Have you ever thought, where does the material used in advertising come from? 

and more importantly, where is it going when the advertisement is finished??

At Print Solutions Dublin, we think about it……everyday!

Increasingly, we all hear the discussions about the amount of waste generated day-by-day in the retail signage sector and across general advertising, as not being compatible with the environmental needs of the planet. 

As industry suppliers, we need to be able to offer our customers alternative products. One solution is of course to use recyclable materials. We are delighted to announce that Print Solutions is rolling out a range of new and upgraded Planet Friendly materials.

Coming first in this range, we are introducing DISPA® board by 3A Composites.

DISPA® is a lightweight, structured cardboard. It’s made of paper and has a bright white, smooth surface offering excellent printability so it’s ideal for signage applications. It comes as a flat rigid cardboard – it starts flat and stays flat so DISPA® is rigid, strong and stable!

DISPA® has a unique interior design allowing it to deliver everything you would expect from a sign and display board. This product is also made of 100% FCS-certified paper . Customers buying DISPA® can be assured they are making an active contribution to the sustainable management of forests around the world.


Thanks to the ease of processing, working with this cardboard is efficient and fast.

  • Print: DISPA® delivers high-quality results both for digital and screen printing 
  • Laminate:DISPA® is ideal for pre-printed double-sided offset litho sheet lamination
  • Cut: DISPA® is suitable for CNC cutting as well as for die-cutting 
  • 3D-forming:The use of a creasing wheel with a specific embossed geometry facilitates creative folding techniques


  • Digital Printing
  • Displays (POS/POP)
  • Screen Printing
  • Signage


  • Easy to process
  • Lightweight

  • Paper
Sheet Dimensions:

  • 3.8mm thickness 1.250 x 1.840
  • 3.8mm thickness 1.250 x 1.840
Examples of DISPA applications:



Naue Tunes, 
Digital Marketing Assistant.