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Introducing Bubble Guard for Van lining

Why are you still using plywood?

As part of our environmental journey, we’ve been looking at possibilities to help our clients reduce C02 emissions, save resources and save money!. We're now delighted to announce our NEW Polypropylene sheet for Van Lining, called BUBBLE GUARD.  Bubble Guard is a polypropylene sheet with flat textured outer surface and an inner structure of formed rigid, cylindrical bubbles.

Bubble board is lighter than plywood.

Bubble guard sheet offers a lot of advantages to van lining converters when compared to traditionally used plywood. The main benefit: It's lighter, up to 57Kgs lighter on a typical van fit out.

A case study was created by Print Solutions using the information available on the Mercedes web site. It relates to a Mercedes Sprinter L2H2 van, with additional reference from the Freight Transport Association Ireland website (FTA), about annual mileage and life of vans.

For this case study, we have used the Mercedes L2H2 and this information below:

When Bubble Guard is used, because the van is lighter - the amount of fuel saving per year on each van is 167.40 litres, equating to €187.49 saving on fuel (average 253 working days per year).
Over the life of one van (average 5.2 yrs), this number increases to €974.94.  Now multiply that by the number of vans in yourr fleet and you will start to see the scope in this comparison.

These numbers are not only good for your business but also for the ENVIRONMENT. When it comes to environment, let’s consider another perspective: CO2 emissions

Assuming 1 load per day, the extra weight saving that bubble board will afford your over the year is an additional 13,437.75 kilos. This number multiplies per number of loads, becoming 26,875.50 kilos for 2 loads per day. During the life of the van, your extra weight could be up to 139,752.60 kilos. How many loads would you save using this extra weight?! 

To summarise, there’s up to 57 kilos weight saving on di tut between bubble guard and ply. The above figures come from there but it’s a major step in the right direction to changing your business and the planet for the better!

Using a document about gas emissions from UK government, we could calculate the amount of CO2 and CO2e saved when bubble guard is used in a Mercedes L2H2. The numbers speak to themselves:

Over the life of the van the amount of CO2e saved is 3,959.50 kilos!!

Consider that this calculation is for one van on its average annual mileage in 5.2 years. Now add a fleet of vans and you can see the saving in CO2!

More benefits:

  • Weight saving, Fuel saving and reduction in Co2 emission are not the only benefits!
  • Our bubble guard is also:
  • Extremely rigid, strong and durable sheet.
  • Its internal composition means it has multi directional strength.
  • It offers impressive impact strength and is scratch resistant. It won’t splinter like plywood.
  • It’s waterproof and is resistant to chemicals and oils.
  • It is easy to handle, cut and fit. It can be die-cut, routed or CNC machined.
  • Bubble guard is made of Polypropylene and is also 100% recyclable!

Sheet Dimensions:

  • 4mm Light Grey (Wall and door sheet): 2440x1220mm and 3050x2050mm
  • 9mm Black (Anti-slip flooring sheet): 2440x1220mm
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Naue Tunes, 
Digital Marketing Assistant.