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Joanne’s Testimonial: How was it getting a new job at the middle of the pandemic?

Each of us has faced challenges this year. Today, we’d like to share with you a little bit about Joanne’s challenge during 2020. 
Joanne joined the Print Solutions team during the pandemic and for 2 months, was not able to meet her colleagues in person or come to work at our base. She told us that it has been the toughest 2 months of her whole working career! 

See her testimonial: 
“In August of 2020 at the height of the Pandemic – after 23 ½ years with one company, I decided it was time for change, after all life as we knew it had changed dramatically, lockdowns, face masks, singing happy birthday whilst washing our hands, pubs, restaurants, and retail shut, stock piling pasta, toilet rolls and saluting Captain Tom Moore, it was a now or never moment for me, and I suppose a key factor was why not! The world as we know it has changed. 
The months from March 2020 to August 2020 had been manic with Signage requirement imploding and business booming. On the 13th August, I resigned and joined Print Solutions, my employment officially commencing 1st November 2020. 
4 weeks on and I have concluded that I did not take the easy option, sales are on a downturn, customer morale is low and the general mood within the Industry is “let’s get this year over “. Due to the Lockdowns North and South I have been unable to travel to meet with customers or even my new colleagues. Zoom meetings are the new norm and working from home a way of life. However not for one moment have I regretted my decision. I have had unfaltering support from Ian Scouler and the Print Solutions team, from day one I feel we have embarked on this journey together as a team with the present environment some days are more difficult than others, and eventually the bad days will disappear as we are here for the long haul. 
On a personal note, I would like to thank Ian Scouler for having faith, investing and believing in me, knowing that he has that belief makes me proud to be a member of the Print Solutions family.” 

Don’t worry Joanne, you're doing an amazing job under difficult circumstances and we’re delighted to have you onboard!