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How sustainability can be good for your company

In considering ‘going green’ or starting your environmental journey, it may be helpful to take a quick overview of where Ireland is in the Recyclable story.      

  1. Ireland is the top producer of plastic waste in the European Union (proportionally).

  2. China used to import 95% of Ireland's plastic waste

  3. China banned plastic waste importation in 2018

  4. It takes up 500 year for plastic to start decomposing
Certainly, some food for thought there and perhaps the motivation we all need to review our company’s environmental behavior.

So, let’s say we’re all agreed that we want to make a difference. Other than feeling good about it, what are the benefits to your company?

By making sustainable choices:

  • You can earn money back

When you buy a recyclable product, you can sell its waste for alternative uses and get money back. You can find which products you can sell and their value in your region by contacting recycling specialist companies, for example Leinster Recycling, in Ireland.

  • You can attract and retain employees

The new generation has no doubts: social media and other online surveys tell us that potential employees are particularly motivated and interested to work for companies that have sustainable workplace policies. In a survey made for an unpublished study conducted by Lightspeed, results show that 90% of millennials consider a company's sustainability important.

  • You can help your country

A landfill has a bad effect on tourism and also pollutes clean water and air.
Besides that, Ireland's landfills are in an emergency situation, by recycling your products you can divert more waste from landfills and help your community, your country and all the environment. 

As a manufacturer, purchaser or end consumer, you are the one sitting in a unique position between your suppliers and your customers: what choices are you going to make?

If you are not doing so already, next time perhaps choose a supplier that offers you a sustainable choice!

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Naue Tunes, 
Digital Marketing Assistant