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How to put measurements in place

We have been working really hard to put all the measurements in place to bring our staff back to work in the office safely, while still following the latest government guidelines. Knowing how hard it is to find the right answer for many of these questions, we are delighted to share with you some measurements we put in place.

Below are some of the government documents we have used as reference:

Martin Byrne, our Supply Chain and Logistics Manager, is our Covid-19 Prevention Leader and he has been setting up our office and taking all the necessary procedures. We have been working on putting measures in place and they will all be ready soon . The following document is part of his work:

" Print Solutions has implemented a Covid-19 Workplace Protection Procedure to protect against, prepare for and respond to any Covid-19 related disruptions as/if they arise. We have taken guidance from the HSE and NSAI’s Covid-19 Workplace Protection and Improvement Guide. Some of the protection procedures we have implemented include:

1.     The setting up of a Covid-19 Prevention Leader.

2.      Our employees follow strict hygiene etiquette including:

         2.a  Hand washing.

         2.b  Hand sanitizing stations around both sites.

         2.c  The wearing of PPE.

        2.d  2-meter distancing.

        2.e  Cleaning down of equipment.

        2.f   Screen protected desks.

        2.g  Working from home.

        2.h  Daily employee temperature checking.

3.   We have also sent out a Covid-19 questionnaire to all our:

       3.a  Customers.

       3.b  Suppliers.

       3.c  Supply Chain Partners.

       3.d  Sub-Contractors.

4.     We have trust in the questionnaire’s recipients, that if they answer “yes” to any of the questions, they will not visit the premises of Print Solutions and seek medical attention instead.

5.     We have closed our trade counter.

       5.a  Ordering should be completed through our web site, email or phone orders only.

       5.b  We would encourage credit card or bank transfer payments to help minimise the handling of cash and cheques that require lodgements to the bank.

6.     Access to the warehouse will be through our electric gates.

       6.a  Ring the intercom to announce who you are (name, company name and a reference e.g. docket number).

       6.b  1 visitor will be allowed through the gate at a time.

       6.c  They will be allocated a bay.

       6.d  4 bays from small vehicle to transit van.

       6.e   2 for trucks.

       6.f   2-meter distance to be kept at all times.

       6.g   No signing of paperwork, name given to warehouse operatives for POD purposes.

       6.h   No warehouse entry under any circumstances.

       6.i    No walking around the yard.”

For more in depth information, you can also check our new Covid-19 materials brochure! Please contact us, if you have any questions about doing business with Print Solutions during Covid19.