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How to clean polycarbonate screens

Due to the huge demand for polycarbonate screens, we decided to create a downloadable sheet available to our clients with tips to clean polycarbonate screens. 

Download the document, feel free to use it and share with your clients!

Screens are now commonplace in retail outlets and countertop locations. After a while, they may start to lose their sheen and start to gather dust and debris from day to day use and proximity to people.
Manufacturers and suppliers stress that the only way to clean clear plastic screens is with a mild soapy, lukewarm water solution and a non abrasive, lint free cloth. Plastic sheets can be scratched and scored, so following the manufacturer's guidelines is crucial to maintain the long life of the material and provide optimum clarity and quality.

Tips for cleaning:

  • Lint free cloth, lukewarm water with a mild soapy solution. 
  • Try to use the same directional stroke, avoid erratic scrubbing
  • Apply minimum pressure, to avoid scraping and scratching
  • Avoid using fingernails, coins or other tools to remove stubborn dirt or stains
  • Allow to air dry, avoid buff drying with other clothes that could themselves cause scratching

All of the above actions will minimise contact and hence the possibility of scraping and scratching the sheet surface.

NEVER use abrasive cleaners, chemicals, waxes or polish sprays on clear plastic sheets. These will immediately cloud the sheet, remove the surface sheen and can create scorch burning on the sheet material.