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How a corrugated paper is made

A corrugated paper is composed generally of three layers: two linear layers and one corrugated fibreboard, a fluting with ruffled shape between the two linear. Due to its flutes this paper is stronger than a normal cardboard even though they have been made from the same material. Corrugated papers are also more durable and, because of this, the first choice for packaging as they can help to protect the product against deliveries damages. 


  • Durable
  • Lightweight with strength-to-weight ratio
  • Cost-effective
  • Environmentally Friendly


  • POP displays
  • Hanging displays
  • Small luxury boxes
  • Dumper bins
  • Food and drink packaging
  • Retail packaging 


How is it made?

Making corrugated board includes two main steps: making the kraft paper and corrugating the cardboard.

The kraft paper process begins with pulping wood chips in the kraft (sulfate) process. They will be cooked in a solution made of sodium hydroxide and several other components to dissolve the necessary substances in the wood.

After several hours, these wood chips will explode and after additional cleaning and refining steps, the wood will be pumped to a paper-making machine, this machine will initially form the paper. Next, the paper will be fed into a massive steam roller to remove all the water.

A high-precision machine – the corrugator – usually running at about 150m per minute will transform the cardboard into corrugated paper. The corrugating rolls are covered with flutes and when the hot paper passes, the flutes trap and bend the paper forming the corrugated cardboard.

Each corrugated machine has its own interchangeable corrugated roll with different sizes of flutes.

After this, the corrugated cardboard passes to a glue station where one linear layer is glued and the same happens to the other linear layer. At the end, the board passes over steam-heated plates that cure the glue.

 This is a video from CDG, one of our paper suppliers and it shows some of their machines and paper rolls.

Don’t forget! Paper is by nature recyclable and biodegradable!

A corrugated paper is not different and with its strength and duration it can be an environmentally friendly alternative for single use plastics!

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