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Graphics that stick in a post-pandemic world

Source: Communications Team, Avery Dennison.

“Although the pandemic will end, social distancing barriers and visual queues may become more permanent fixtures. This presents an opportunity for brands to connect, communicate and drive engagement with consumers.”

As people across the globe look forward to the return of “normal” in a post-pandemic world, there are undoubtedly changes that are going to stick around. While many would like to leave all of COVID-19 in the past, there are a few trends that may be welcome amongst the general public. Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions Graphics Product Manager, Cassandra Yu, answered a few questions about the place graphics will take in a changed world.

Q: Do you have any ideas about how stores can continue to utilize new graphic spaces in the post-pandemic future? 

A: Although the pandemic will end, social distancing barriers and visual queues may become more permanent fixtures. This presents an opportunity for brands to connect, communicate and drive engagement with consumers. One thing stores can consider is how their graphics can:
  • Create zones       
  • Trigger more efficient shopping if space is a limiting factor
  • Provide interactive opportunities 

As stores need to reformat and reinvent themselves, they may want to think about graphics solutions that can be flexible and not-so permanent, like MPI 2900 Series Films. For traditional vinyl signage, ease-of-installation, compatibility with various surfaces & textures, and removability will all be important factors.

Q: In light of experiencing a truly global pandemic for the first time, is there anything that brands or store owners can do to be prepared with signage for any future unforeseen events? 

A: My advice would be to budget for unforeseen events that may require new or additional signage beyond a brand’s annual or seasonal promotional expenditures. Another key would be to leverage the expertise of sign shops/franchises and installers to help pick the right solutions to fit specific needs. In many cases, sign shops are diversifying solutions and services and adding “ready-made” designs that take the guesswork out.

Q:How will graphics be used in new outdoor spaces that have been created in light of COVID-19?

A: There will likely be an increased demand in outdoor and environmental exposure durability requirements as well as materials like MPI 2105 that are compatible with exterior surfaces like concrete, asphalt, brick, and building facades.

Q: Do you believe that the development of outdoor spaces will continue to grow?

A: It is likely, but not across the board, only where it makes sense. Depending on geographical area, some regions may have a limited window of opportunity to leverage outdoor space and will need to think about indoor implications as well. Other factors need to be considered as well like additional outdoor maintenance, safety, compliance & regulations, and service offering type. Outdoor spaces may also need to consider UV and surface protection solutions to keep customers and property safe.

Q: There has been a lot of discussion about the future of the workspace. How will graphics play a role in potential hybrid workspaces, as well as meeting spaces?

A: Due to a changing work environment, I believe there will be a higher use of graphics materials that enable multi-use functionality, like the Avery Dennison Vela™ Dynamic Display technology, which can transform conference rooms from transparent, to private. There also will need to be future development of graphics materials to meet the need for safety enabling, self-cleaning, and no-touch activation.


Q: Are there any dining-specific uses of graphics that emerged during COVID-19 that will continue to be used?

A: There’s a good chance that touchless menu, service and payment solutions may continue. Other innovations in the restaurant business model that are likely here to stay are: increased curbside, pick up, outdoor dining, and dining “pods” options. Signage can help aid these solutions in seamless communication with customers to provide a positive experience.

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