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Face Shields

In times like this, PPE is more crucial than ever. The need to protect the facial area from airborne droplets has turned into a life saving necessity. 

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What is PPE?

PPE is an abbreviation for Personal Protective Equipment and it encompasses a range of materials including clothing and equipment that are used to prevent exposure to hazardous and infectious germs, particles and airborne droplets.

Much of the PPE we are hearing and reading about during Covid19 includes face shields, gloves, glasses, gowns and surgical masks. Face shields are the clear visors that give our health professionals full face protection, meaning they typically cover from the top of the head to under the chin and also ear to ear.


Face shields are made of clear, very thin (micron) plastic that is usually Polypropylene, PET or penta PVC. Face shields rest against the forehead on a padded surface and are fixed at the back of the head using a zip-tie mechanism. As mentioned, the full face visor protects the wearer from splashes and other airborne droplets. Most face shields are reusable and can be worn again once cleaned thoroughly using medical disinfectant.


Face shield features:

  • Full-face protection
  • High clarity
  • Adjustable plastic headbands (one size fits all)
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to don and remove 
  • Helps to prolong the life of surgical masks
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • No impact or obstruction to breathing
  • Reusable after cleaning

Due to the clear materials used in face shields, they must be stored in a sterile and shaded location.
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