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Data Jammer: A New Way to Achieve Confidentiality at Work

Solar Screen recently introduced their brand-new window film: The Data Jammer. This film has a magic power - being capable of giving a blackout effect on almost all your screens while keeping the rest of the room perfectly visible!

In a work setting, you may not want everyone to be able to see your screen. Confidentiality is a key aspect of any business and now, thanks to this new polarizing film, data will be protected on your LCD and Plasma screens. You need to see it for yourself

Orientation matters!

The orientation in which you need to place the film can vary depending on the display technology. So, it is important to ask for your installation instructions! But bear with us while we explain a bit more to you.

To define the appropriate orientation to install the film on a glass surface, you first need to see the room you want to protect from the outside and try the orientation options: A, B, C, D. (Look at sketch below, B & D are not the most common / recommended.).

The direction in which you need to place the film can vary depending on the display technology (LED, LCD.).


In certain cases, the Data Jammer (Projector, Plasma…) may not work correctly, that’s why a test at first is necessary.


1. Hard scratch resistant layer, for durability and ease of maintenance during window cleaning
2. PVA film
3. PS adhesive, polymerizes with glass within 15 day
4. Polarizing film

Maintenance Instructions

Soapy water solution do not clean for at least a month and do not apply any type of sticker or adhesive on the film.

Some extra tips, besides the normal installation recommendation

- Determine the direction of the film in advance, with the orientation test

- Handle the film with caution, because the edges are sharp.

- Pre-cut the film in advance on a table, to avoid slitting it.

- Use PH Neutral soap «baby shampoo». ‘Film On’ isn’t recommended.

- Dry thoroughly the edges of the film after installation, to avoid any changing of the direction of the film.

- In case of a joint, please respect the minimum 2mm gap between the 2 pieces.

- Always stock the film on its tube, to avoid tunnels and to guarantee best storage conditions.

- Don’t forget to take pictures for the warranty and to prevent future claims.

Download spreadsheet here.

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