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Avoid germ spots by cleaning workspace regularly

We’re all getting back to our offices and now, more than ever, having a hygienic environment is crucial.

Did you know? 

Even when you’re sitting at your desk, drinking your coffee or tea you’re surrounded by millions of germs and people around you are the same. Even the cleanest workspace has its germs spots and mouses, phones, keyboards are havens for bacteria and germs and are rarely cleaned.

Hidden germs can cause a number of illnesses and serious disease, at any time and especially during Covid-19. To protect yourself and your colleagues at your workplace, you can follow the tips below:

  • Start to clean and disinfect the items on your desk, you can use alcohol or a trustable disinfectant. You can also use disinfectant wipes to clean your mouse, stapler, keyboard, pens and your keyboard. Make this a regular habit.
  • Consider using your own cup or bring a reusable cup from home, wash it regularly with soap and hot water. Avoid leaving it in public areas where it can be touched by other people.
  • Use your own cutlery and after wash it avoid leaving it in public areas. Keep it inside your drawer or somewhere safe.
  • Remove all the items from your desk and clean and disinfect the entire surface. Don’t forget to give drawer handles a wipe, your computer and everything else around you that you touch.
  • You can dry with a cloth or wait for it to dry before putting all the items back. You can have a coffee while you wait :)
  • Don’t forget to also disinfect your chair arms and to unplug your mouse and keyboards before cleaning it.
  • Try to not borrow materials but if you do so, wipe them down before and after use.
  • Do not touch your face while you are cleaning your workspace and sanitize your hands just after finished.

This is also a good time to  review your workspace and de-clutter. Re-organizing can make you even more productive. Don’t forget to recycle where you can!
Lastly, wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer regularly! Enjoy your new work space.

Naue Tunes,
Digital Marketing Assistant