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Application of Vela™ at our new Showroom

Avery Dennison® Vela™ is an innovative Window Film that delivers instant privacy - with the flick of a switch, by phone App, or by Voice command via Google or Alexa.

Vela™ is suitable for offices, hotels, hospitals or any other area containing windows or screens where privacy might be a requirement. 

If you’d like to know more about how Vela™ works, check out our recent blog post an article about Vela

Print Solutions introduced VELA™ to the Irish market in October 2019. It was launched at the Architectural Design Show in the RDS where it won the Architects Choice Award for MOST INNOVATIVE product.

Now, in collaboration with Irish company ThinkPM, who have been confirmed as certified installers of the product, VELA™ has received its first practical application in Ireland by being installed on partition doors and screens at the Print Solutions showroom.

ThinkPM is a print and graphic art project management company. They believe all projects, no matter how big or small require professional project management. When Print Solutions introduced Vela™ to the Irish market, a collaboration with Think PM was a logical move.

What better way to demonstrate the product, than to show it in our own showroom!. We installed VELA™ across several glass partitions and glass doors in our new Innovation centre and Wow!.. Using voice command, when you tell Alexa or Google to “activate Vela™ privacy file”, it really is impressive! 

The installation work was carried out by Think PM’s professionally trained and accredited Vela™ installers, the only accredited installers in Ireland!



ThinkPM gave us a little bit of feedback on the installation process which may be of interest to our readers: 

Vela™ is a technical product and requires exact handing, from initial unboxing right through to application. A perfect site survey is paramount with a zero-tolerance approach to dimensions a must!
Depending on the application, Architects, Interior Designers, Glaziers, Electrical and Facilities personnel all need to be engaged to ensure that an accurate schedule of works is drafted and an effective timeline plan is followed. Despite the showroom install being relatively small in scale, all of this was none the less true. 

Prior to the install the Vela™ film underwent a mandatory optical and electrical test and live uploading of results to the Vela manufacturing plant overseas was conducted, ensuring that the film was performing well, both visually and electronically. 

Finally, after careful attention to the application procedural guidelines, Vela™ was successfully installed and connected to the electrical controllers.

Print Solutions can now boast a showroom that has ‘Switchable Privacy Glass,’ the first of its kind in Ireland.

Want to see Vela™ working? Come visit our new showroom!!

Naue Tunes, 
Digital Marketing Assistant.