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A Sneaky Peek of our showroom 2 of 5

Our showroom is almost ready and once this pandemic is overwe’ll be delighted to host a series of events and invite customers to celebrate with us. 

Weve been preparing this space to show you the latest products and technologies in our industry. So, while we can’t have everyone here yet, we can at least give you a small taste of it.

This article is a part of a series of sneak peeks where we will walk you through some areas of our exhibit room.

This one is about our machinery area.

  • CWT Evolution

This flatbed applicator will boost productivity in your workshop. Our new generation of worktables are quick to install and easy to use. Get high quality equipment made in Sweden at competitive prices.

Check more about it here.

  • Shield Laminator

Shield is a laminating unit that combines innovation, performance, low investment level, full upgradability, and protection of the investment in the medium/long term. The Shield series is in fact designed and built to fit the widest range of applications, from car wrapping to interior decoration and corrugated packaging, up to a wide range of display graphics and sign-making applications.

  • Obelsik Foam Plotter

Obelisk Foam Plotter is a compact, easy-to-use and efficient system for making 3D figures, profile letters and decorations in ultralight and cost-effective polystyrene (XPS or EPS).  
Obelisk cuts precisely and silently with the help of a heating wire, completely without odour or smoke. It requires minimal space. This makes Obelisk easy to place, even in the small office.

Want to visit our showroom? Contact your sales rep to make an appointment!
During COVID19, restrictions will apply.

Check it out our first sneaky peek!

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