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A sneak peek of our showroom 1 of 5

Our showroom is almost ready and honestly, we can’t wait until all this pandemic is over so we can have everyone here to host an amazing visit with our customers!

We have been preparing this space to show you the latest products and technologies in our industry. So, while we can’t have everyone here yet, we want to give you a taste of it.

This article is a part of a series of sneak peeks where we will walk you through some areas of our exhibit room.

Today is going to be about our 3A Composites Spotlight area.

3A Composites is one of our main suppliers, they develop and manufacture high-quality aluminium composite panels, structural composites materials, plastic sheets and lightweight foam board.

If you’re like us, you might love samples!.... and our 3A stand is full of them. In addition, on this stand you’ll find all the information you need about our 3A products including:

  • DIBOND: the world's first aluminium composite sheet which is specially optimised for display. It is light and can be 3-dimensionally shaped, making it extremely stable and rigid.
  • DIBONDdesign: Unlimited design freedom to express your individual style. Design your individual decor and we will realise your concept on the object of your choice.
  • CRYLON: large-format acrylic glass sheets with brilliant clarity and very good optical characteristics and outstanding colour reproduction, in various transparencies.
  • CRYLUX: Acrylic glass is the perfect choice when it comes to looks because of its high transparency, resistance and UV stability.
  • HIPEX: flawlessly extruded APET and PETG thermoplastic polyester sheets.
  • LUMEX: flawlessly extruded APET and PET-G thermoplastic polyester sheets. They stand out particularly in the transparent plastics sector because they are fire rated "difficult – to – ignite".
  • IMPEX: stands for a wide range of large-format, virtually unbreakable extruded polycarbonate sheets with very good optical and mechanical properties. 
  • IMPEXmultiwall: a range of polycarbonate sheets - as clear as glass but stronger and more resistant to impact.
  • &more


It’s like a mini wonderland but for sign makers and construction industry personnel. However, this stand is also of interest to other industry segments like:

  • Core Materials
  • Architecture & Design
  • Display & Graphic Arts
  • Transport & Industry
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Fitness, Yoga & Rehabilitation

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