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What do you INK of it?

For over 150 years, Marabu has been renowned for high-quality specialist paints with the “Made in Germany” quality seal. The company is a world-leading manufacturer of screen, digital and pad printing inks as well as liquid coatings.

Inks created by the company are used in over 20 industry applications worldwide including everything from toddler and baby products, the beverage industry, automotive, textiles, toys, graphic applications and lots more. View categories here…

The company is based in Germany near Stuttgart and has been innovating and setting milestones with plenty of industry-first solutions for both industrial applications and graphic design since 1859.

  • A family run business founded in 1859
  • A product portfolio of over 20,000 items
  • 80% of products for export market
  • 500 employees worldwide
  • 14 subsidiaries & distribution partners in more than 80 countries.
  • Annual turnover in excess of €90million 
Marabu Digital Printing Inks

Marabu offers Solvent-based, UV-curable and water-based inkjet inks – for flexible, rigid and textile substrates. Using continuous advanced manufacturing techniques and always innovating, the company is a global leader of inkjet inks, primers, and liquid coatings for users and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

The company’s goal is to develop the best possible ink for the corresponding inkjet printhead – leveraging their specialist knowledge as an ink manufacturer and their deep understanding of the specific technological demands of inkjet printing.

Marabu Environmental Policy

Manufacturing chemical products and protecting the environment. Is that not a contradiction in terms? Read about the Marabu Environmental Policy here

New for 2018 – UV ink 

Oce Arizona Canon, Mimaki. Achieve the Ultimate Result with UV or LED Technology 

Modern ink jet printers offer new standards when it comes to versatility and print quality, and yet only the right ink finally paves the way to the perfect result. The broad performance range of Ultra Jet DUV-A (UV-curable) and Ultra Jet DLE-A (LED-curable) gives you the power to easily turn your ideas into high-level products! 

We are also excited to announce the extension of its UV-curable UltraJet ink line to include the new UltraJet DUV-GR. DUV-GR is specifically formulated to extend our reach to the Oce and Fujifilm UV Flatbed Printers. UltraJet inks offer an outstanding print quality.

Your Benefits: 

  • Adheres very well to a wide range of substrates, including difficult substrates
  • Suitable for PMMA, PP/PE, PC, PET for universal application possibilities
  • Very well suited for common post-processing steps 
  • Milling, drilling, bending, etc.: Ink film does not flake off 
  • Developed for high-resolution print heads 
  • Allows repeatable, photo-realistic prints High-grade pigmentation 
  • For long-term outdoor use Available in different units 
  • Full flexibility!


The wide DUV-A / DLE-A substrate range incredibly includes: 

  • Rigid materials like acrylics (PMMA) Rigid PVC 
  • Aluminium composite panels (like Dibond®) 
  • Polycarbonate
  • Pre-treated polyethylene & polypropylene 
  • Flexible substrates like self-adhesive films, or PVC banner material
  • Printable fabrics such as Trevira®, and artificial leather.
UV-curable Ultra Jet DUV-A is suited for printers and print head technologies like

  • Mimaki JF-1610 (Toshiba Tec CE2)
  • DYSS Apollo (Ricoh Gen3 / Gen4)
  • Rastek T600 (Toshiba Tec CE2) 
LED-curable Ultra Jet DLE-A is suited for printers and print head technologies like

  • Mimaki UJF-3042 / DYSS GM3042 (Ricoh Gen4) 
Print Solutions and Marabu Ink

Print Solutions have been working with Marabu for over a decade. Marabu provide a comprehensive service and offer a suite of support services to Print Solutions.

Print Solutions meet regularly with the Marabu team to stay updated on the latest developments. We hold training seminars at our premises on Dublin over a number of days where our entire staff can learn about the Marabu company, its product portfolio, as well as developments and innovations in the field of digital printing inks.

L-R  Fergal Walsh - Print Solutions Ecommerce manager with Marabu Technical Consultant Matthias Schieber and Marabu Digital Ink CEO Markus Pribic