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5 easy ways to create a website for your business

As it became so necessary, it also became so easy. 
Nowadays, anyone can build a website without knowing about web development, design or coding.

We have selected tools and software that can help you to build a website for your company or update what you have. These tools are easy to navigate and can design every part of your website, making life much easier for you. You can not only inform your customers about your busin
ess, show pictures of your projects and display your company story but you can also create forms where people can send you enquiries. You can even build an online store with an e-commerce service.

1. Google Sites

The only thing you need to create a website using Google Sites: is a free google account. You can use your personal Gmail or create one to manage your company website. You do not need to know anything about programming or design, Google Sites give you everything that it is necessary to build a simple website in minutes! This platform automatically optimizes (shrinks) your websites for mobiles, tablets and desktops so your user will have the best experience anytime and anywhere!

2. Wordpress

With Wordpress, you can build a website, sell online, start a blog and much more. This platform has many free themes or designs available. No matter your site or your style you can find a layout that meets your needs, many of them are free of charge and you can play around to brand your company across your website. It also allows you to use plugins on your website, where you can collect leads, create contact forms, translate your website, create popups with promotions and much more. All easy to use and simple to build!

3. Shopify

No matter what business you are in, Shopify has an e-commerce solution for you. With this platform, you can market your business, sell everywhere, gain insights and manage orders, shipping and payments. They have extended the free trial period for 90 days to support the business during the Covid-19 and they have a 24/7 contact support where you can find business advice and ask any questions about it. They help you throughout the set up process to bring your business online in an easy-to-use and accessible platform.

4. Weebly

Weebly is a free website builder, where you can get access to customizable web page designs and useful tools to build your website and grow it. You do everything for free including adding products, however, if you want to sell online you will need to update your plan and start paying for it. On Weebly, you can also choose your themes and customize them, you can find metrics with integrated marketing tools from Facebook ads to automated email campaigns.

5. nopCommerce

Probably the best-kept secret out there! If you are already used to online websites and want to go a little further, we suggest nopCommerce. This is an amazing open-source and super extensible eCommerce platform suitable for any size business. It is flexible and can be integrated with all services like PayPal, Amazon, Google, Stripe, Facebook and more. They pay special attention to each kind of business and offer B2B, B2C, enterprise and SMB features for each one of these. Nopcommerce is absolutely free and you also have available online articles and support to help you to work with the platform.

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